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I hate this feeling I hate this feeling

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ok song but the first djenty riff is a exact copy to the song

intake by volumes

look it up if you dont believe me

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TheRealSam responds:

Yep, I know, even if the use of the adjective "exact" here is inappropriate in my opinion. I admit that I've been strongly influenced by Volumes while composing this song, especially the beginning, and that is why I am posting it here for free as I don't aknowledge it as a complete song, but mainly a test, as I was starting to compose these kind of riffs and try to give a djenty feel to my guitar sound. / watch?v=oesGcAmW4fg Hell, you can just go there if you want to hear the song, that'll save you a search ;)
And so it is worth taking 8 points out of ten, just because of that similarity? Then you can probably go downvote pretty much every metal/djent/hardcore/dubstep/drum and bass/pop/reggea/ska/etc band out there. Everybody copies everybody, some do it well and we call it "influence", some do it obviously and we call it plagiarism. I don't think I plagiarized Volumes here.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your constructive review, you are more than welcome to go and listen to my other songs. :)

Manticore(WIP) Manticore(WIP)

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: O

this is truly fucking amazing, i really dont know what i would change there is really nothing wrong with it. keep up with the good work. what vst did you use to make your bases? i really like that gate effect!

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Sketch 2: House Idea Sketch 2: House Idea

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i fucking love this man. keep going forward with it

theres nothing i really hate about it but the arp/lead synth is a bit to loud/ overdone
and i would sound great with some wobble just sayain....

xKore - jpop remixu xKore - jpop remixu

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by far one of my favorite songs on NG great fucking job with this man make a full version!!!!

Blue brass of the beast Blue brass of the beast

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fucking amazing....

great song,what software/vsts do you use?

pabouchard responds:

Reason, Fruity loop and cubase, but this one was made into Fruity loop. I think the only vst I used in that one was FM8.


Some Cheesy Trance Thingy Some Cheesy Trance Thingy

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random question

great song 10/10 but what kinda headpones do you use for mixing????

mr-jazzman responds:

Lol not good ones. They're bass-biased. I need flat ones. =P Thanks for asking, b/c this is why the bass is typically too heavy/too soft in my songs.

xKore - Muff xKore - Muff

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please answer

just a quick question,what software do you use??

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xKore responds:

fl studio 9

Photon (Demo) Photon (Demo)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


sounds very professional reminds me alot of deadmau5

what vsts/software do you use?

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Ozzy93 responds:

latest fl studio, z3ta+, iZotope Ozone and Nexus 2 (of course) is for the main stuff in this song.

Thanks for reviewing! :)

H2010 - Eclipse H2010 - Eclipse

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really good,sounded really epic and dramatic kinda reminded me of the music from modern warfare 2.

Step responds:

Haha I've never played any CoD games, I'm not a fan of FPS's, but thanks for reviewing. I tried to make it have an epic sound to it.

Iron God: Sakupen Hell Yes RMX Iron God: Sakupen Hell Yes RMX

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by far my favorite song of yours,your so fucking pro man!!!

mr-jazzman responds:

Bahahaha! Thanks superuberinsaneausmtimestentoinfinite andbeyondomgitssogreaticantbelieveit! (yes, I ultra-extended your name beyond just its NG limit ;) ) If you like this-un here, then you'll really love the uber-pro song that I'm workin on right now. I shit you not, it's almost as if Mt Eden themselves made it! =) Thank you for your review man!